Upholstered Headboards

February 24, 2010

Interior design by Corea Sotropa Interior Design

Upholstered headboards say luxury. If you want your bedroom to be sumptuous, comfortable and plush an upholstered headboard is the answer. Nestling into bed and leaning against one of these beauties is a real treat at the end of a busy day. Headboards are the natural focal point of a bedroom and these upholstered options are definite eye catchers!

Interior design by Elizabeth Kimberly Design

Recently I was introduced to the gorgeous work of Elizabeth Kimberly Design by the blog Elements of Style and I was blown away by their beautiful portfolio. This oversized headboard caught my eye. This kind of color palette is frequently requested by our clients and is very popular in Calgary. Isn’t this just the most serene, elegant bedroom?

Interior design by Amanda Nisbet Design

Headboards are very dramatic if done in a bright color like this lovely violet. Against a chocolate brown wall this color is fantastic. There is no reason not to choose a vibrant shade or a pretty patterned fabric for your headboard.

Interior design by Amanda Nisbet Design

This is a sharp look for a teenage boy’s room. The upholstery tacks and contrasting edge detail are striking. A side note – check out the wallpapered ceiling, a trend I wrote about in a past post. It looks terrific in this room.

Interior design by Amanda Nisbet Design

Scalloped edges, contrast piping and buttons on these twin headboards make this kids room magical! The green and yellow combination is wonderful too.

Interior design by Tobi Fairley

This handsome headboard is reminiscent of a wing back chair. I think it would be the perfect thing to snuggle up against while reading a book on a cold winter’s night.

Interior design by Sarah Richardson

Canadian design maven Sarah Richardson designed this wingback headboard. She has created a line of upholstered furniture including headboards that are available at shops across Canada like Maria Tomas one of my favorite haunts in Calgary.

Interior design by Corea Sotropa Interior Design

Headboards are most often custom made. They may have an upholstered base which the mattress sits inside or they may have no base and sit on the floor or attach to the wall. If they are not made with an attached base a bed skirt is required. The bed skirt may be made of the same material of the headboard or a fabric which complements the bedding. The headboard in this room that we designed has no base and sits on the floor behind the bed.

Interior design by Corea Sotropa Interior Design

This tiny master bedroom was a challenge for our design team and a custom headboard was the answer! We designed the headboard to fit precisely underneath the angled ceiling and stained its frame to match our custom designed nightstands.

Photo via Things That Inspire

This image was taken from a wonderful article brimming with very elegant photographs of bedrooms from the blog Things That Inspire. I highly recommend that you check out this article which features so many lovely upholstered headboards.

Interior design by Noel Jeffery photo via Things That Inspire

An entire wall has been upholstered and then the luxury has been doubled by placing an upholstered headboard in front of it! I’ll bet that this bedroom is whisper quiet because of all the fabric which helps to deaden noise.

Interior design by Tobi Fairley Design

I love this coral damask fabric used for this headboard. It is pretty and fresh on this very simple headboard style. It is making me think of spring!

Interior design by Palmer Weiss photo via Anh-Minh.com

This headboard has a traditional shape, but has been upholstered in a mod patterned fabric. I love the contrast between the two which creates a very unique focal point. Here the bed skirt has been manufactured out of the same fabric as the headboard.

Photo via Canadian House and Home

If you are planning on making your own simple headboard, Canadian House and Home featured a handy DIY Upholstered Headboard article which outlines the steps and materials required.

Since your bed is the most important feature of your bedroom, why not make a statement with an upholstered headboard? Choose an interesting shape, upholstery tacks, tufting, a patterned fabric or an exciting color to highlight your focal point. Add some luxury in your life with an upholstered headboard.


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15 Responses to “Upholstered Headboards”

  1. I loved reading this post…mainly because I share your admiration for upholstered headboards! My sister had a sleigh bed for many years, and finally her interior designer convinced her to update the room. The first change made: an upholstered headboard replaced the sleigh bed, and it made all the difference.

    • coreasotropa Says:

      I totally agree with your sister’s designer. Upholstered headboards really change the look and update a bedroom. I also think that they are “friendlier” in a bedroom. Wood seems so uncomfortable! Glad that you enjoyed the post.

  2. Vitania Says:

    I have to bookmark this gallery because it is so fabulous. Have yourself a great weekend..


  3. Leanne Says:

    We have been trying to source upholstered headboards here in Calgary forever – besides the Sarah Richardson line at Maria Tomas, do you have any suggestions as to where to look?



    • coreasotropa Says:

      Thanks for your question! I believe that Chintz & Company can make upholstered headboards and Maria Tomas has more then just the Sarah Richardson to check out. Most furniture companies will have an upholstered headboard option but they often have a wood frame and are not always displayed on the showroom floor – you’ve got to ask for them. But really the secret is that most of them are custom made by a good upholsterer. You just need to give them a photograph and some basic dimensions. Good luck with your search – I hope this helps!

  4. Leanne Says:

    Thanks so much for all the information. I am now on a mission to track down a good upholsterer.

    No one told me renovating a house would be so much work – haha.

    Thanks again,


    PS – Your blog is wonderful and so needed here in Calgary.

    • coreasotropa Says:

      Ah yes – renovations are so intense and so much work aren’t they? But, they are by far my favorite kind of projects! Something is so rewarding about renovating an existing space and transforming it into something new.

      Also, Thanks for the vote of confidence on our site! I’m so glad that you are enjoying the blog – there are not many written by Calgary interior designers. Just curious – how did you find it on the web? I’m wondering how easy it is for Calgarians to find. I’d sure appreciate your feedback.

      Good luck with finding the upholsterer (try calling Red Eight Furniture or Simmering) ;)

  5. Terrie Hall Says:

    A beautiful collection of ideas! Thank you!

  6. Angela Says:

    I love the upholstered headboards….but I actually plan to take a modern wingback headboard, upholster a bench to match….and use it as a dining bench in my formal but small dining room.

    • coreasotropa Says:

      Love that idea! Banquette look fabulous in kitchens and dining rooms and can be made in so many different styles. I’m actually working on another post about them! Send me a picture of the final product – I’d love to see it!

  7. scout4design Says:

    Hi Corea!
    Loved the ideas here. We are especially challenged with a tiny NYC master bedroom with limited floor space (vs. the headroom shown in the pic above). Room is 8’2″ by 11″ with 10 ft ceilings with one small window. Due to A/C, radiator, and door/walkway, we’ve placed queen mattress and box spring on shallow wall with sconces like those your design team used in “small MBR” above. Any chance we could source you for wall hung bedside tables and magic mirrors flanking bed? We are looking for same with a nice upholstered headboard as you show. Great design!

    • coreasotropa Says:

      Thanks so much for visiting our blog. Actually, we had thoses side table/mirror units custom made for that client because the room was so small we couldn’t find anything store bought. I had my carpenter, electrican and glass supplier build them from our sketches. Sounds like you may need to do the same thing with your cozy bedroom. I’d try contacting a cabinet maker in your area that has good references and show him the photograph. Sorry that I can’t be of more help! Best of luck on your project!

  8. Joan Says:

    Corea, I love the headboards in this post!!!!

    I have been trying to find someone locally (Toronto) who can build me a wing back headboard for a while now, and came across AMP Upholstery. I think it’s a small shop, but they build beautiful custom upholstered headboards.

    They have a great portfolio of headboards.

  9. Sarah Says:

    Great post! Enjoyed it so much that I included you in the 3rd of my “Blog Bites” series! You’re work is stunning! (p.s. love your website design too)

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