Weathered and White Washed Wood

April 27, 2010

Designed by Jack Fhillips, photo Via Veranda Magazine

 There’s a new trend that is gaining momentum and is about ready to explode here in Calgary. The latest and greatest finish for wood furniture pieces (case goods) is white washed or weathered. Have you noticed? This look has been getting attention in design circles for a while, but the products are really just hitting main stream now. White washed and weathered or distressed wood products are casual, textural and can be appropriate in either modern or traditional lines. They are also perfect for families with children since the wood has a patina and bangs and bruises are disguised.

Room designed by Brooke Giannetti, photo via the blog Velvet and Linen

 This white washed furniture has traditional lines and a very French feel. This room is elegant, but comfortable and the mix of different white wash colors is fresh and interesting. The wood grain looks beautiful peaking through the paint. The blog Velvet and Linen is full of lovely pictures of rooms like this featuring a lot of white washed furniture.

Photo courtesy of Phoebe Howard

 This modern looking coffee table is lovely in the weathered wood finish. It is paired with a trefoil shaped side table to the left and a more traditional piece on the right. Also, check out the soft grey weathered wood chair with the bamboo frame. All these different wood pieces look gorgeous together even though they do not completely match each other.

Photo courtesy of Phoebe Howard

 I can see many of my Calgary interior design clients wanting living rooms that look like this one. The soft aqua fabrics, light walls, and mix of patterns are a favorite among Corea Sotropa Interior Design’s clients. The coffee table in this picture really caught my eye. Its whimsical lines and rough finish make it the perfect thing for a family with young children that are tough on tables!

Photo courtesy of Hickory Chair

 The Prado bookcase by Hickory Chair is available in a number of finishes and can be ordered at Maria Tomas. This piece is industrial looking, but softened with distressed white finish. The mix is interesting and right on trend!

Photo Courtesy of Hickory Chair

 Another Hickory Chair piece available in the weathered finish is the Piedmont dining table. Notice how in this picture they have paired it with a credenza in a slightly grayer painted finish, natural sea grass area rug and linen slip covers. The combination is absolutely delightful!

Photo courtesy of Crate and Barrel

Crate and Barrel has a few pieces of furniture like the Fulton media console that are modern and combine a rustic wood finish with a metal frame. The wood grain on this piece is a show stopper!

 Photo courtesy of Blue Fish furniture

 Another of my favorite furniture haunts in Calgary is Country Furniture. This particular bookcase by Bluefish furniture is from the Copenhagen collection and is available in several wood finishes. This weathered option looks great and also combines an industrial metal frame for a modern twist.

Photo courtesy of Chintz and Company

 Chintz and Company has several pieces in distressed wood like the Pedestal White Wash Console shown above. This table would be stunning in a foyer or against a dark charcoal gray wall.

 Photo courtesy of Vanguard Furniture

 The Everly Square Coffee Table from Vanguard can be purchased through Domaine Furnishings here in Calgary. This table has really pretty lines and is perfect for a family room with the storage shelf below.

 Photo courtesy of Restoration Hardware

 Restoration Hardware has really jumped on the bandwagon with this trend and most of their new products have a distressed finish. This Shutter Framed Bed has handsome, simple lines.

 This type of finish is effortless and easy to maintain and maybe that is why it has become such a trend. Or perhaps it’s because this furniture looks like reclaimed and restored pieces and this appeals to our “Green Design” sensibilities and responsibilities. Maybe it’s a reaction to the economy and this uncomplicated style is absolutely the opposite of obviously ostentatious and expensive furniture. Whatever the reason, it’s nice to have a new option readily available for our homes. It might just be the right choice for you if you are shopping for a fresh look!


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2 Responses to “Weathered and White Washed Wood”

  1. camdesign Says:

    I just finished a presentation this evening all the tables were in blackberry finish because of the reddish oak in the home… I love the look but for our clients that have all that oak that they will not paint over in anyway… I do not see me being able to use the great pieces you have shown… It was a wonderful presentation anyway they took everything I specked…all 18 thousand of it, it will be a wonderful livingroom/diningroom after it is all installed…
    I love my job and the look on clients faces when they see how fab there home is going to be… we are so lucky to do what we do don’t you think…
    Cool that you are in Calgary too, I love Calgary, been here 11 years now and love every minute of living here…
    Regards, Carol Ann

  2. coreasotropa Says:

    Thanks for your comments, and congratulations on your presentation. Too bad that your clients aren’t able to get their heads around changing up their exisiting oak. Best of luck to you on your project!

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