Built-In Bunk Beds

June 2, 2010

Every time my 3-year-old sees a bunk bed, he asks if he can have one in his room. He currently sleeps in an incredible antique Beidermier burled walnut bed that I got at auction. It is elegant and handsome and I keep telling him it kinda looks like a pirate ship, but he’s not buying it. I won’t be replacing his current bed for a bunk style, but we are considering purchasing a vacation property, and I will get him a bunk bed there. Bunks are perfect for vacation homes and I am especially fond of the kind that are built-in. Here are some images of bunk beds that I am keeping to inspire me when we get around to buying our recreational property.

Photo courtesy of Pottery Barn Kids

In Calgary, many of our clients have recreational properties in Canmore, Invermere or Panorama that we design for them. The look in this photograph is typical for the rustic, western mountain theme that is requested in these ski resort areas. This bunk bed is not built-in but a millworker or cabinet-maker could construct a customized version with some drawings from your interior designer.

 Photo courtesy of safe kids loft beds

A lot of built-in bunks have a Marine theme and it works nicely for children’s rooms. I love the porthole between the two lower bunks, and the wood treads of the ladder. However, I would have added side rails on this model just to be safe.

Photo courtesy of Your Design Style and Traditional Home Magazine

This is a very sophisticated version with artwork and reading lights with shades. The ladder is recessed in between the columns of beds, and I like how it is set back and out-of-the-way.

Photo courtesy of Elle Decor via Dwell in Beauty

This bunk is perfect for a modern little princess. I really like the crisp white finish and the drawers below. Bunks are a wonderful solutions for small bedrooms.

Photo courtesy of Cottage Home via My Home Ideas

These bunks are built-in but float against the wall so that the window is not obstructed. These are simple and fun and could be decorated in any color or theme.

Photo courtesy of This Old House

Here’s another example of a nautical inspired bunk bed with some very clever storage. The steps up are drawers and there is a cubby on the lower bunk for books and bedside items. I also like how the lower bed is actually a double.

Photo via Laura Casey Interiors

This example has a beautiful tapered shape and really celebrates nautical design. Very handsome.

Photo courtesy of Oh Dee Doh

For a modern bedroom, this style would work well. It has clean lines and a hip vibe. Something like this would work for a house in Palm Springs – which is where we are thinking of buying and where many of our clients have getaway property.

Photo courtesy of Oh Dee Doh

The curtains are fun and add privacy on this built-in bunk. Imagine lots of kids playing peek-a-boo behind them!

Kid’s love bunks and they are great for sleepovers. They are perfect for holiday homes where one room can accommodate all the children or an entire family. I like the built-in variety because they are interesting architecturally and unique details can be incorporated. When planning and designing your vacation home or children’s room, think about using bunk beds. Your kids will love you for it!



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11 Responses to “Built-In Bunk Beds”

  1. Boyd Says:

    some of those beds are really creative. I especially like the 4 bunks with the ladder in the middle. Would that mean a person should really require twins, or eek triplets?

  2. Ali Says:

    What great bunkbeds! The quad bunkbeds are ideal for large families. Gives me ideas on what to do with my kids in the future. Excellent!

  3. bunk beds should be made from strong materials like steel or better yet composite fibers~.`

  4. These are all lovely bunk beds! The designs are all incredibly crafted. These type of beds are ideal for large families to accommodate all the kids with style!

  5. Chris Says:

    I love the bunk beds for kids here! How amazing to see four bunk beds built in like that! It was especially helpful to be able to visualize them with the pictures you have here too. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hi Jacqueline,
    Thanks for this great post, what a great assortment of built-in bunk beds! We are using the third photo (olive green bunk beds with center ladder) as the inspiration for the bunk room in our lake house, and the seventh photo (tapered walnut wood and white beadboard bunk) for the inspiration for a bunk bed in a client’s pool house.
    Thanks again!
    -Jennifer & Austin
    Mabley Handler Interior Design

  7. Melissa Says:

    What a wonderful post! I was looking into built in beds. I am so excited to see the four beds that still look classy and modern. My kids would love those and would not be difficult to build. Thank you.

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