For Valentine’s Day my darling husband bought me a copy of the much coveted design book Hue by style setter Kelly Wearstler.  He must have been paying attention and reading my previous post about design books!  Well, he definitely gets tops marks because this book is not easy to find. It flies off the shelves and rightly so – it is a feast for the eyes.

Photo courtesy of Vogue via Apartment Therapy

For those of you that are not familiar with Kelly Wearstler, I thought that I would share some of her work with you. Her company, KWID (Kelly Wearstler Interior Design) is based in Los Angeles. She is not faint of heart when it comes to the interiors she produces. Anything dramatic, gilded, colorful, textural, patterned, and unusual she combines easily creating her signature style known as Hollywood Regency. Recently, her work has been seventies inspired, but it is the Hollywood Regency style that really gets me excited. KWID’s work inspires designers like us at Corea Sotropa Interior Design to make environments an adventure to be explored.  Here are some of her amazing projects.

Photo via DeSmitten

This neutral space is luxurious and rich. The scale of the two sculptures flanking the bar of this hotel lobby is just perfect. Kelly Wearstler has designed many hotels and restaurants as well as residences.

Photo via Canadian House and Home

I adore the orange color she chose for this room. The antique mirrors in the paneling add texture and the fireplace screen is so unique. Check out how she has mastered the art of layering by placing a lamp in front of a framed drawing that is hung on top of the mirror. Layering makes a space feel rich and collected over time.

Photo via Canadian House and Home

The scale of this cocktail table is perfect for this long luxurious sofa. Grey is replacing brown as the go to neutral and Kelly Wearstler has used it here beautifully. Combing grey with yellow creates a fresh, modern palette. The rug in this room is also to die for. I am seeing that Moorish pattern everywhere!

Photo via Canadian House and Home

This library gets a coat of high gloss red paint. Here, Ms. Wearstler shows us that cabinets need not be kept a neutral color. The dark interior of these cabinets help to accentuate the items inside. This glossy red reminds me of nail polish!

Photo courtesy of Matters of Style

All the upholstery in this gorgeous reading room is done in canary yellow. The key to pulling off a monochromatic room without making it boring is texture. Notice the different textures – shag rug, linen upholstery, leather wing backs and shiny ceramic lamp bases. They are all the same shade of yellow, but it is the variety of textures that make this room warm and inviting.

Photo courtesy of Maters of Style

KWID gets preppy in in this bathroom by using kelly green. The contrast with the black and white is fabulous. The tile pattern and mirror location is completely unique too.

Photo via Miss Gracious Living

Turquoise is the color of the year. This metallic teal leather chair is so beautiful. Kelly has kept the rest of this bedroom simple using high contrast black and white.

Photo via Belle Maison

Mixing gold and silver accents is glamorous and luxe and that is KWID’s specialty. The touch of orange on the headboard really catches your attention. I also think these screens in the foreground are an amazing way to break up a large room.

Kelly Wearstler has been called a design genius and an innovator in interior design. She is best known for the “Hollywood Regency” style illustrated in the photographs above. Her projects always push the envelope of what is expected in interiors and she continues to shape current trends. I hope you enjoyed seeing the work of someone who inspires me!



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