Decorating with Apothecary Jars

December 10, 2009

I never get tired of using apothecary jars when I am decorating my client’s homes! I think it is because there are so many wonderful things that you can fill them with so they never get boring. Apothecary jars are a great way of displaying a collection of items and controlling clutter. I get asked all the time about how to incorporate them into your décor so here are a few tips.

We renovated this apartment for a Designer Showcase in Calgary a few years ago and wanted to add some great colour to the island of the kitchen. The apothecary jars filled with fruit worked wonderfully! Insiders tip #1 – Real fruit can start to steam up if the jars are in a warm location and the lid is on tight. Be prepared to replace the fruit often!

This is a photograph of a grouping of jars that we placed in an interior design project in Calgary after we had finished a kitchen renovation. Notice that we used fake fruit to avoid the steam problem! (Hey, at least we learn from our mistakes!). Insiders tip #2 – Use a variety of sizes and heights of jars as well as a variety of items inside them.

Apothecary jars can be used in bathrooms too. In this master bathroom design we placed some jars filled with sponges, lavender and cotton swabs. Insiders tip #3 – Even everyday items can look interesting in beautifully shaped containers.

I love this grouping of everyday bathroom accessories! It makes the mundane look like museum pieces. So elegant! These containers are from Pottery Barn.

One of the best things about decorating with apothecary jars is the ability to change what you are displaying inside them depending on the season. I recently came across this lovely photograph via My Domicile Style. I adore the holiday greens in the jars, and I am going to try this look out myself this year! Insiders tip #4 – Change up what you are displaying to keep your décor interesting.

They look super filled with candy on an accent or hallway table. I could also imagine using buttons, corks from wine bottles or vintage rhinestone pins. Insider’s tip #5 – Use brightly coloured or interesting objects that you have collected for an unexpected display.

What a great way to serve your Christmas cookies! I adore this idea which was featured on Apartment Therapy. I can also see using apothecary jars at a kid’s birthday party filled with colourful candies. How fun would it be for each guest to fill a little goodie bag for themselves before they headed home? The candies wouldn’t last long, but the sugar rush would go on for hours! Insiders tip #6 – Use apothecaries for artfully serving cookies and candies buffet style.

This just screams springtime! I know it’s only December, but I’ve got my eye on this idea come March! Check out Lady Lovona’s Cabinet of Curiosities for a how to on creating this gorgeous plant display. Insider’s Tip #7 – Try using your apothecaries to create a terrarium.

Hope this has inspired you to use your apothecary jars in some interesting ways to add charm to your interiors!


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  1. ellisonbaypottery Says:

    Great suggestions, thanks.

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